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Hacking and Security Articles

  • Creating your own hidden .onion darknet domain [Windows]

    Sometimes when you need a website which isn’t public and you wish to share it with a select few. At such times you can easily get an URL with a .onion TLD. With your computer as the server you are assured that your files hosted on the site are safe on your own computer and are being shared with th... continue reading
  • Introduction to jQuery & Basic jQuery Animations

    I intended to tutorialize quite a different topic but since my last tutorial was on SASS/SCSS, decided, I'd better carry on with this field and do a brief write-up on jQuery. As probably most of you already know, jQuery is one of the top-notch libraries for Javascript. Not only is Javascript a usefu... continue reading
  • Welcome to HackThis!!

    We have compiled a small guide on how to start your journey and included some tips to help you along First steps * Complete the To-Do list on the site. If you are reading this then you have already completed one step, so congrats! This is here to ease you into the site and get you started. * Post... continue reading
  • [TED] GPS Spoofing

    I was just browsing through articles when I happened to find this one. In this video of TED, Todd Humphreys talks about the near-future of geolocation when millimeter-accurate GPS "dots" will enable you to find pin-point locations, index-search your physical possessions ... or to track peo... continue reading
  • Defcon 21 - The Secret Life of SIM Cards

    So guys while going through some videos tumbled upon this one. Its really informative covering the aspect of SIM exploitation which has many dimensions and is often neglected by us. It gives an insight about the working, communication creation of a SIM programm. Done with some really easy code(only ... continue reading