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Hacking and Security Articles

  • Basics of Intrusion Detection Systems

    Introduction Intrusion detection encompasses a range of security techniques designed to detect (and report) malicious system and network activity or to record evidence of intrusion. To understand intrusion detection one must fully understand what intrusion is. Webster's dictionary defines an intrusi... continue reading
  • Phone Phreaking - Now & Then

    Introduction The article presented here is about the various methods of phone phreaking as one of the early manifestations of hacking into systems. Phreaking as we know it, is defined as playing , experimenting and exploiting the telephone network. Who are phone phreaks? A phone phreak is generally... continue reading
  • [TED] NSA is spying on us... but there are others

    Another very interesting video from TED in which James Lyne reminds us that it's not only the NSA that's watching us, but ever-more-sophisticated cybercriminals, who exploit both weak code and trusting human nature. In that video you will see, for instance, the XSS attack that you can better unders... continue reading
  • [TED] How the NSA betrayed the world's trust

    In this video from TED you will see what governments are doing to spy on us... Privacy researcher Christopher Soghoian is somehow showing us the first reason why we need to understand how any device we use work. Lack of knowledge is our biggest enemy.... continue reading
  • Heartbleed, the door to secret communications

    What is Heartbleed? Heartbleed is the name that was given to a bug in OpenSSL. Do you remember Abhi's article? This is one of the many implementations for securing Internet communications. The name Heartbleed comes from the OpenSSL functionality that causes the bug, Heartbeat. What this does, basica... continue reading