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Hacking and Security Articles

  • A Basic Introduction to Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

    Website Security
    Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks occur when a website fails to properly prevent attackers from inserting malicious code into an area that takes user provided data, such as form fields on a webpage, HTTP headers, URLs etc. This code is then used to attack other users, rather than the actual website... continue reading
  • Introduction to Java

    Hello there! This article is created to help you dive in Java, the programming language that changed the world. This guide assumes you've already got some experience with programming, however I'll try to explain step by step the first moves towards mastering (a bit) of Java. Taking in consideration ... continue reading
  • An Introduction to LSB Steganography

    Steganography & encryption
    Introduction The current articles on the website have talked about how to hide data inside images via either appending bytes after an image and by manipulating pixels. In this article, we’re going to go a bit deeper in the second technique by explaining a few algorithms used to hide data. Knowled... continue reading
  • Hiding files with s-tools

    Steganography & encryption
    STEP 1. you need to download a software called s-tools . [image] STEP 2. search an image in which you want to hide your secret file . image must be in bmp or gif format. jpeg is not compatible . STEP 3.if you have bmp image then good . else you can convert your image into bmp online .convertor [im... continue reading
  • Lock Picking - A Basic Guide

    Lock picking
    Introduction This guide is aimed at showing you the basic theory on how to pick a simple pin-and-tumbler lock. There are a few methods but some popular ones are rakes, bump keys, or actually picking it. Lock Picking Materials * Tension Wrench: Something small/thin enough to fit in the end of the k... continue reading