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Forensics Articles [3]

  • Investigating Safari Browser

    Introduction In Mac OS X, iOS and in many apple products store serialized objects in property list files (.plist). These file are used to store information of applications, bundles, User settings. These files are of two types namely binary property lists and XML property lists. XML plist files can b... continue reading
  • Internet Explorer Forensic Investigation

    Introduction This article is about forensic investigation of Internet Explorer. This is cover about investigating Internet Explorer history, cache, cookies, favorites. Lets take a look at index.dat file Index.dat Microsoft's Internet Explorer has two primary areas of interest. One is “index.dat... continue reading
  • About SQL Injections with MS SQL Server

    About SQL Injections Scenario There are many articles about SQLis but I’m writing this with the aim of a Windows server and MS SQL server specifically. Most of this can be applied to other environments too. Let’s suppose that you’ve found an SQL injection vulnerability on a page that has a GE... continue reading