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Application Security Articles [4]

  • Serious vulnerability in Excel sheets (VBA bruteforce)

    Application Security
    Sorry for the Dutch text in the images. I did not have an English version of Office at hand. 1. What is an exploit? I could spend ages trying to explain what an exploit is, luckily there are dictionaries that can explain it in one full sentence: Quote: Ex·ploit A program or system designed to take... continue reading
  • Unity3D attack by reverse engineering.

    Application Security
    Introduction Games are a great way to kill the time and most of you probably already played video games. Some of you have already been tempted to cheat in video game because somehow, they find it funnier like this. There is a lot of kind of games over internet. Some of them are even playable under y... continue reading
  • Beginners Guide to Metasploit

    Application Security
    Metaspoilt can run on Linux, Mac OS X and on Windows. It is both a command line interface and a graphical user interface (GUI). The Metasploit Framework can be extended to use external add-ons in multiple languages making it a very powerful tool. Metasploit can be used to test the vulnerability of t... continue reading
  • Buffer Overflows and IDS Basics

    Application Security
    Types of Buffer Overflows and Methods of Detection Buffer overflows are exploits that hackers use against an operating system or application; like SQL injection attacks, they’re usually targeted at user input fields. A buffer overflow exploit causes a system to fail by overloading memory or execu... continue reading