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Network Security Articles [5]

  • DNS Spoofing

    Network Security
    I. Introduction What is DNS Spoofing ? Firstly, we need to understand what is a DNS server. DNS stands for Domain Name Server. It is a server that match IPs to their associated hostnames. Here's a clear and easy example to understand what a DNS server does ; Copy/paste this IP : - i... continue reading
  • No Wireshark? No TCPDump? No Problem!

    Network Security
    Have you ever been on a pentest, or troubleshooting a customer issue, and the "next step" was to capture packets on a Windows host? Then you find that installing winpcap or wireshark was simply out of scope or otherwise not allowed on that SQL, Exchange, Oracle or other host? It used to be... continue reading
  • Introduction to Netcat

    Network Security
    [image] Introduction: So not too long ago I made a post in a forum on a completely different subject. Well, the topic I "was" going to cover is pretty interesting, big, and probably will be greatly appreciated by all of you guys, but, do to update in security and patches, that article wil... continue reading
  • Security of Virtual Hosts & Traffic Cessation

    Network Security
    [image] First thing first, let's say what virtual hosts are for those who are yet unaware. Virtual hosts are a way of defining which domain refers to a certain folder. In other words, you can host more than one domain name on your server. Take this small example, for instance. We're at localhost (1... continue reading
  • Reaver 101

    Network Security
    App Name: Reaver Main Platform: Linux/GNU Usage: Gaining Access To WPA Password Protected Wireless Networks/Access Points First thing about WPA passwords is you can not decrypt them, all you can do is a brute force attack to get the password, depending on the password length and complexity it may t... continue reading