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Steganography & encryption Articles [10]

  • One-Time Pad

    Steganography & encryption
    Prerequisites In order to understand this article, you must understand what a XOR cipher is. I won’t go into too much details about it here as this is not the subject of this article, but because this is not a tough subject and I assume that only smart people are reading this article, I will give ... continue reading
  • How to hide messages in audio files

    Steganography & encryption
    How can we see an audio ? Usually, by its waveform, but we can also see the visual representation of its frequency over time, which is a spectrogram. [image] Since every audio can be represented by a visual way, can we construct an audio file from an image, that will be reproduced as its spectrogr... continue reading
  • The XOR Cipher

    Steganography & encryption
    Overview What is XOR cipher ? In cryptography, the simple XOR cipher is a type of additive cipher, an encryption algorithm that operates according to the principles: A ⊕0 = A, A ⊕ A = 0, (A ⊕ B ) ⊕ C = A ⊕ (B ⊕ C), (B ⊕ A) ⊕ A = B ⊕ 0 = B, where ⊕ denotes the exclusive disju... continue reading
  • Cracking ZIP Files (known-plaintext attack)

    Steganography & encryption
    Did you find an old zip file while browsing your documents? Does it contain important information? You try to extract it, but a window pops up asking for a password. What if you don't remember that password? Of course, you will try to brute-force it, but, damn, that's a lot of combinations. It will ... continue reading
  • An Introduction to LSB Steganography

    Steganography & encryption
    Introduction The current articles on the website have talked about how to hide data inside images via either appending bytes after an image and by manipulating pixels. In this article, we’re going to go a bit deeper in the second technique by explaining a few algorithms used to hide data. Knowled... continue reading