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¡Newb Alert!

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    Hey all,

    New to the site but really loving it so far-- so much that my girlfriend has made comments about the hours I spend hunched over these levels!

    About me: Computer technology has always fascinated me. I've been an avid PC gamer since I was like 6. My first box was a Laser 386 that my uncle had given me, and he turned off the early Windows GUI so that I had to learn DOS to operate it at all. Thereafter, one of my earliest hobbies was screwing around with whichever PC I was afforded by my family, learning how the file systems worked, how to write HTML, how to push older hardware to higher levels of performance, etc.
    I've done some freelance IT work in my adult life, ranging from simple virus removal to forensic data retrieval/analysis. I've also webmastered and designed for a couple of brick-and-mortar businesses.
    A few years ago, I was in my last semester at college and I had a couple of electives to fill, so I took A+ Hardware and A+ Software and got my wee baby cert, although I haven't done anything with it lmao.

    Anyhow, this site is really fun and the community seems engaging. I'd disconnected from my "hobby" for a few years and this has been a stimulating re-immersion into the world of ones and zeroes.

    Looking forward to interacting with you all!

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  • dannydeleto
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    Nice to meet you, and welcome to the site! Good to hear that you can use this as a creative outlet Looks like you've completed a lot of challenges in a relatively short period of time. Bravo!
  • Te0tl
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  • DIDIx13
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    Welcome on HT! Enjoy your stay.

    If you need help or have any questions you can PM me about it
  • Mugiwara27
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    Welcome to the HackThis!! boat, buddy

    Hope you'll have some hard time with the levels ( you'll have, for sure ) and some entertainment with us all!

    As everyone is doing, I'm offering my help via PM if you need anything, feel free
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  • dimooz
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    Welcome here! Have fun with all the levels! I'm sure you'll enjoy!
    And don't hesitate to PM me if needed
  • Te0tl
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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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