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I did it

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    Yes, I did complete it. However, I didn't use any software. I used something that is BUILT IN. And I was able to send something similar to a replay. It took 45 minutes... Eh, at least I completed it! Anyone that is stuck on this, the only thing I have to say is. Endurance is key, you may keep running down a path, later to realize at the end its a waterfall. A waterfall that leads to nowhere. You may think you have it, you may be so close! But take a wrong turn. That's just the way hacking is. It's a brutal art, that takes longer to acquire. If you have a look at people that are really good. Mugiwara27, bolofecal, feuerstein, etc. You'll see they've been doing this for a long time. Mugiwara27 has been doing this for over 5 years! That
    s all I gotta say. Endurance is the key to hacking!

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  • feuerstein
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    Congratulations for solving it you can write your solution in the solutions-section if you want to
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