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[closed] Black screen no flash

Level Discussion > Basic+ Levels > Basic+ Level 3 > [closed] Black screen no flash

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    Ok i am in level 3 since yesterday
    I am not seeing anything that the black screen and the text:

    You have only scored 109384 in an online game but you needed a score of exactly 194175 to get top of the high-scores table.

    A lot of interactive content on the internet is achieved using Flash. If Flash needs to communicate with a server it does so in exactly the same way a normal page would.

    And black nothing to start from here in the screen .

    So am i missing something?
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  • cypress10
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    Yeah I am doing that also

    Like i said i am new to all this so even if i look at the source or element inspector i dont know what i am looking at.
    So new like that get it? hahahah

    But more and more I am seeing now so thats fun, but know i need to a lot of extra research.
    for now its fun to go along and see what is coming my way
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