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why isn't it working?

Level Discussion > Javascript Levels > Javascript Level 2 > why isn't it working?

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    I tried modifying the script so it passes whether the condition is true or not. I copied and pasted the same thing to the else block.


    Edit: So I realized that the e.preventdefault() bit was also there to prevent you from running the code with nothing submited. I tried deleting that bit, but nothing changed. Then I wanted to know if the slightest change ("else{alert('nope, still not the good pass');}) would affect the code. It didn't . Hint needed, is the solution even in the code?is using the console worth it?

    I've tried reading the forum for clues but, seems like nobody has said anything related for two or three years. And the previous replies were for a script that was a different one at the time.
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