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    I can't find the username and the Password ...Any Help ???
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  • SilentKiller44
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    Just follow the hint
  • shubhampatel
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    Just read Hint carefully and you will know the answer
    Security is Myth
  • chienchien2001
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    hi, I'm new on hackthis and i really don't understand the level 2 even when i read the source code or the hint
    please help me
  • shubhampatel
    shubhampatel's profile picture

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    Just open source code and read carefully.
    Answer is in the source code only.
    Try again i'm sure you will find the answer.
    if you are still confuse then feel free to DM me and tell me what did you read
    you can also get the answer without reading source code but you start from source code
    Security is Myth
  • sterlingRory
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    "The answer is right under your nose?!" Except that there have to be two answers.... in the sourcecode, it says that the username is "user" and the password is "pass"... I tried, it's not....
  • WHGhost
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    No, the form's field are named user and pass, it doesn't mean that's what the password is. You should learn about html before going further.
  • nebo4573
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    yeah im new to this and im struggling a bit on how to fined it all in the source
  • DJMatt
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    Guys, I found the username and password "color"* but how can I change it to see it" ?

    Show spoiler
  • feuerstein
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    this is doable by yourself. there are several ways what you can do. it is even not nessecary to change the code
  • playerk3tt0
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    A good idea:
    Start learning HTML and CSS. It worth the effort.
Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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