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Javascript Solution ?

Level Discussion > Main Levels > Main Level 3 > Javascript Solution ?

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    I'm just curious if someone actually make it with Javascript only.

    I mean, it looks like there is actually a server-side verification of the password, even if the IDs are given away in source code.

    If I remove the event handler on the submit button with jquery, there is still a POST request to the server, and then the page is reloaded with this nice notice :

    "Invalid details "

    And I see no way how I could avoid that without the good IDs input.

    Any ideas ?
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  • Mugiwara27
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    ElectroCrush search on the source of the page with precise keywords, I'm pretty sure you can do it
    Also read the forum about this level and you'll manage
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  • Adriano10
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    please can you help me to pass step 3
  • skyg39
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    We need to search the CORRECT LOGIN because we see : the first login you find was wrong.
    good luck
  • r4v463
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    The 3rd level of main isn't different from the 2 previous.
  • jetsmaxx
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    guys how to see the webpage in js form
  • dloser
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    There is no such thing as a "js form" of a page. All there is is the source, which you should already know how to access. The browser gets everything from there (directly or indirectly).

    If you are still confused, perhaps look up (and do?) some tutorials on the subject.
  • Aladin_Al
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    Voidstar thank you buddy for the hint
  • Mizdreavus
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    this level is actually almost easier than the last one..just search in the source code with the correct keyword given in the hint and there you go....the most basic knowledge of HTML will get you there, look for common places you see username and password in the source code, I can't say much more
  • feuerstein
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    Well done
Viewing 9 replies - 11 through 19 (of 19 total)
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