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[closed] I thought I had understood

Level Discussion > Main Levels > Main Level 9 > [closed] I thought I had understood

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    I understand this level like this :
    Email1 is the user's email, to test the validity.
    Email2 is the address to send the info.

    So, I put the admin email (found in the hidden field) as the email1,
    and my own email as email2.

    I still have the error message "Incorrect email address "

    Am I correct ?

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  • sorrox
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    Hello there,

    i think you got it wrong bud, i really want to help you without making it too easy but it's really hard

    this is how i managed to finish this level,

    i just imagined what the server side code could look like (what are the conditions to fullfill in order to pass )

    if it doesn't do it for you, you can also try to mess with the 2 inputs an see what happens everytime you send something.
    That also helped me in the beginning .

    sorry i know it's not helping that much but it's still something

    Have a good day

    sorry for my english : /

  • Badane
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    Thank you for your answer
    One good night of sleep, make my ideas clear
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