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[sticky] Help via PM - A guide.

Off-topic > [sticky] Help via PM - A guide.

  • [deleted user]

    I'm writing this on behalf of many of us who are receiving messages looking like:

    I'm stuck on <insert level here> I cnt do it. PLZZ HLPPPP!

    If you wish to elicit a response from the person you are asking, then you should observe the following etiquette:

    1. If English is not your first language, please state this so we can see that you genuinely are making the effort to talk to us, rather than a lazy guy with English as a first language not using it correctly.

    2. Check the forums first. Please. This isn't hard, and there are many threads containing hints and many of them will see you through your problem (with enough effort)

    3. If you are still intent on sending a PM, please ensure the person you are messaging has solved that challenge first.

    4. If you still have a question at this point, please state the level you are stuck on, what you think the challenge is looking for, what you have tried, and any information which you may help us understand where you are at in the challenge (some of them are multi-step) and what you want to know.

    5. PLEASE BE PATIENT. There is nothing worse than logging on to find many PMs from the same user asking the same thing or sending reminders. (This has not happened to me personally on this site, but has happened multiple times on others)

    6. If you are not happy with your response or it doesn't help, then feel free to ask for more clarification, but please understand that the user has given you information that they feel will help you. Maybe you just need to reflect on it more. Be sure to thank the user. We love having people appreciate our help, and we will be more likely to help in future if we remember you as one of the 'polite ones'

    7. Return the love! If a user asks you for assistance on a challenge you have solved in future, then help them in a similar manner providing they are following the above guidelines. The world can be a happier place if everyone plays nicely.

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  • xzy123prog
    xzy123prog's profile picture

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    Wise words sabretooth
    Never underestimate the determination of a kid who is time rich and money poor!

  • dloser
    dloser's profile picture

    • 13210
    • 1517

    Too bad nobody who needs it reads it.
  • [deleted user]

    dloser Usually the case unfortunately, but at least it's here for reference
  • IAmDevil
    IAmDevil's profile picture

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    Hmm... The mentoring thing is similar to whats here. Many if us would know it as seen on engimagroup. As far as I remember Fireshard mentioned it.
    Maybe someone will implement it here on HT!
    - IAmDevil
    Its good to be back!
  • [deleted user]

    IAmDevil Coincidentally, flabbyrabbit and I were talking about such a system earlier. We have divided and unsure opinions on such a system, but it may be in the pipeline soon
  • IAmDevil
    IAmDevil's profile picture

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    Yeah it will surely be a great option to minimize bogus / repeatative threads. Hope to see it soon.
    - IAmDevil
    Its good to be back!
  • Fireshard
    Fireshard's profile picture

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    Hey guys!

    Yeah, i remember discussing mentoring some time ago on here. I still think it should be implemented.

    As for the thread-starting post, it's a very good idea to just put those rules as a modal box upon login. It can be forever, it can be for first month since joining, etc...This way you kinda force people to read them. You might also fool some badly implemented spambots What do you think?
    Don't post answers on the forums!

    Search other forums before making new threads called "help" !

    Click me for an interesting post on the forum!
  • flabbyrabbit
    flabbyrabbit's profile picture

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    That is a good point Fireshard, we don't have anywhere on the site that says what behaviour is acceptable. We do on IRC but not for the actual site. It might be a nice idea to draft up a simple list of doesn't and don'ts like those sabretooth has put about for using the PM system.
  • nakee
    nakee's profile picture

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    It sounds like common sense to me.
    I'm here for less than a month and already got help requests for challenges I didn't solve:)
  • Nighttshad3
    Nighttshad3's profile picture

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    Yeah, sounds like a good idea. Like either put it in the set of rules/guidelines or as Fireshard suggested; make it a Box upon login or when new users (I'd suggest about a month) go to PM. God knows how many people message you just because you're active and might use the forums here and there.
Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 14 total)